A Brilliant Time Will Be Had By All If You Set Up Your Home Game Poker With Care


If your impression of a home poker game involves a canned laughter soundtrack, beer, cigars and semi-famous actresses wearing low cut tops, you’re probably a fan of the same sit-com I used to watch in my youth.

It’s quite easy to get a poker game started at your home, but there are some common errors in people make. Later in this series, I’ll give more detailed instructions and talk about the equipment you’re going to need. For now, let’s touch on some basic ideas you should consider 카지노사이트.

Only allow cash at the table. If you extend credit or cash checks, you’re only asking for trouble. People will play with money they don’t have and can’t afford. They will bounce checks, avoid seeing you to dodge payment and worse!

Remember that these are your mates. You don’t want to lose a lifelong friend over something as pointless as a little poker game. But don’t make the game too small either. You want to be at least a bit painful, so the money means enough to the players. Otherwise each hand will become a crapshoot.

You might want to use the smoke-free game and even perhaps ban alcohol. A lot of think that poker is not poker without booze and cigars. Fair enough, but don’t risk losing non-smokers who would otherwise fill your chairs and make the game more fun.

Ensure that everybody knows the rules before you start. Cover every type of poker you’re likely to play. Don’t pressure someone to play a weird variant if they’re not comfortable. This is a sure way to cause arguments.

Also point out specific rules for your game, including the level of buy ins, time limits and what level the blinds are set at.

I hope you enjoy your poker game! Don’t fleece your friends too much. You want those sheep to flock back for the next exciting session.

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